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Park Lane

Park Lane

Na Kluea, Muang Pattaya, Thailand

Park Lane Jomtien is a modern lagoon-themed condominium project that features canals of interweaving pools and a communal area at the center of it all for tenants to enjoy a self-contained and resort-style of living. 

Park Lane Jomtien is comprised of 4 low-rise condominium buildings, offers 1-bedroom located a few hundred meters to Jomtien Beach and a short car ride, or service shuttle to downtown Pattaya.  

The central communal area is a multi-purpose island surrounded by the lagoon and includes the central swimming areas, sundecks and patio space, indoor fitness suite with views of the pool, coffee and restaurant shop.  

Park Lane Jomtien was one of the first projects to build the popular lagoon and resort-style themed condominiums.  


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Jomtien is a quieter and less busier area that stretches along the beaches south of Central Pattaya. It has become popular for upmarket residential developments attracting long-term expats and Thai second-home buyers seeking the right mix of tropical and residential lifestyle.