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Atlantis Condo Resort

Atlantis Condo Resort

Na Kluea, Muang Pattaya, Thailand

Atlantis Condo Resort is a large water-park themed multi-complex condominium project that truly delivers on tropical resort facilities. 

The large 11 rai resort is made up of five, 8-floor condo buildings around the central water park.  

The stretching water park area includes; 

• Ship club house with underwater aquarium 

• Gigantic waterfall

• Water slides

• Beach edge with sloping edges 

• Wooden foot bridge

• Water playground with sub-marine sculptures 

• Sun decks and loungers 

• Walk out picnic areas from ground floor units 

• Fitness center 

• Jacuzzis 

• Garden and garden walls

• Guard house with 24 hour security 

Units are available in 1-2 bedrooms with clean, bright and aqua finishes.  

Location from the Jomtien Beach is just 300 meters away. 


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Jomtien is a quieter and less busier area that stretches along the beaches south of Central Pattaya. It has become popular for upmarket residential developments attracting long-term expats and Thai second-home buyers seeking the right mix of tropical and residential lifestyle.