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On nut

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On nut

On Nut is quickly becoming one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Bangkok among expats who want to escape from the heart of the city. Although the condos for rent in On Nut tend to be cheaper than those in the central part of the city, they come complete with plenty of modern conveniences. People who choose to live in this area will also have plenty of shopping and nightlife opportunities right on their doorsteps, while there are also some interesting shophouses for rent in On Nut.

Many of the popular condos for rent in On Nut tend to be located close to Sukhumvit Road such as IDEO Verve Sukhumvit. This modern building features 30 floors as well as amenities such as a swimming pool and a fitness centre. The Diamond Sukhumvit is also a great option among people who are looking for condos to buy in On Nut.

Shopping is a popular pastime in On Nut and Tesco Lotus shopping centre can be found in the heart of the area. This is a good place to pick up groceries as well as homeware products and everything else that is needed for setting up a new home. Carrefour and Big C shopping centres can also be found in this neighbourhood, while a large market can be found at nearby On Nut Square that sells everything from clothes to shoes, bags and much more.

The On Nut Wet market is a great place to grab a bite to eat in the evening. In addition to stalls selling fruit, vegetables and raw meat and fish, this market also features a large number of street food stalls. Venture further into the market and you will also find some great restaurants that sell Japanese and German cuisine as well as a newly established burger van that is already proving to be very popular. The market also contains a few bars that are popular places for the neighbourhood’s expats to gather in the evening.

People who are searching for cheap and tasty food in the evening will also find a huge range of street food stalls located between soi 13 and soi 17. These stalls set up around 16:00 in time to catch people as they return home from work and sell everything from pork satay to fried prawns and tom yam. A few establishments also offer all-you-can-eat Korean-style barbeques where diners have the opportunity to take their pick from a huge assortment of goodies and cook them right at their tables.

Live music can also be heard in many of the bars that are located in On Nut. The number of Western-style bars is growing almost as quickly as the expat population here, while there are also plenty of Thai-style karaoke bars located here.

ON Nut BTS station is located on the Sukhumvit line and makes travelling to the rest of the city a breeze. An expressway can also be found on Sukhumvit Soi 62, providing a rapid connection for people who have their own transportation.

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